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Emjae is a New Orleans born and Hartford, CT raised independent artist that stormed onto the music scene with his Unique-style fused with the Deep-Dirty South, East Coast Hip Hop and EDM.

Emjae’s music is tailored for everyone. It’s feel-good music that appeals to all types of people from around the world. He loves using his gift of music to connect with people, a joy that translates to how he hits the stage and performs. At an Emjae show, fans can always expect nothing less than a -miles an hour, with energy that’s only compared to a bolt of lightening. His insane drive and work ethic has not only gained him the attention of those in the States, but from abroad in countries such as Europe, Asia, Japan and Denmark.

Emjae has been privileged to open up for major Hip Hop acts including Kendrick Lamar, Waka Flocka, Big Sean, Cash Money, Lil Wayne, Talib Kweli, Soulja Slim, Joe Budden, Jim Jones, Sugar Hill Gang, Slaughter House, Mya, Juelz Santana, Red Café, Common and more.

From NOLA to the world, the king ha s arrived. Don’t let his looks fool you. He is not only looks like King James. He is the future King of trap. You can’t resist to move your body, once he grab the mic!”
- Chee a.k.a @Asian_Bonita, DENT Radio (Tokyo, Japan), Theme Fusion
Emjae is an American artist that has worked so hard to get where he is today. Energy, constant motion and progress are just a few features that you can find in every note of his music. Emjae is still 100 % true to himself and to his beloved – Music. Join his official page and get closer to pure sound and motion!” -
Zivile Vailionyte, Tonite Radio E-Magazine (Lithuania), Theme Fusion
Emjae is the hardest working artist I know. The man is extremely dedicated to his craft, and cares deeply about delivering a great show to his fans. The only way to describe an Emjae show is to think about being at one of the livest parties you ever been to — yeah, that’s what an Emjae concert is like.” -
Charles West, The Trendaholic Blog (Connecticut, USA)
In today’s generation, it has become extremely rare to find decent Hip-Hop/Reggae artists. Many try, few succeed. It’s so nice to find this. Emjae is absolutely incredible, along with Vitchous Sove Music. Not only did this song blow me away completely, but this video is even better. So incredibly sensual, and definitely pleasant on the eyes. You are DEFINITELY going places! This has been the third time I’m watching this, and I’m extremely impressed. Great job!”
Veronica Ruggiero, YouTube blog spot (United Kingdom)
Just came across Emjae’s video for “Wind and Go Down” while searching around online. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this guy before. From the voice, to the beats, to the lyrics, Emjae has got his craft nailed down. I’m a huge fan of hip hop so I loved this track. Even his slow jams are good which show what kind of range he’s got. I was going to compare him to a few other musicians, but he deserves to stand on his own with these tracks. Looking forward to hearing more, and hoping he swings through my town for a live show.
Paul Boldizar, (Argentina)
Emjae grinds different from everyone else. Whatever he’s doing it’s working and everyone should get to know him”
GMoney the Prince, Hot 93.7 (Connecticut, USA)